Wednesday, July 30, 2008

sleeping on rocks!

ok I know this is TONS of pictures but I like them all!! so we went camping last weekend for . . . pretty much the first time we've been married (excluding family reunions). Our friends, the Copelands, got this crazy idea in their heads they wanted to invite a whole bunch of their friends up to their campground -- they own some land up in the mts behind lava hot springs. Christian wasn't with us -- because his last foster family invited him to go camping with them -- and it was a great idea to keep them in touch. So off we went with just the two girls. The jury is still out -- half of me LOVED camping. Just being out in nature . . . fresh air . . . kids just playing and having fun. But the other half of me was not happy about my sore back in the morning (I know, I know; I just need an air mattress) or with having to put so much flipping work into one weekend. It takes lots of packing and preparation with little kiddies!

Caravaning out of town (we made everyone else late, oops!)

Beautiful landscape

Bryson helping Ellie catch bugs (ants). Trying to get toddlers to eat tin foil dinners wasn't the easiest thing in the world.


Ellie LOVED burning marshmallows

But she did not love how they taste
Stina with the Browns

The girls givin loves
That night was horrible. We were all so uncomfortable and stina & I were sharing blankets and kicking and pushing each other all night (mostly her to me :-)

Stina with her new best friend, Dave. She would walk around until she found him and cuddle up on his lap!
The girls all went to find rocks to paint. Ellie loved being able to be included with the big kids.
Her painted rocks
Right after a whole lotta sand was dumped all over her head. She was kinda grumpy about it until she realized we were going to hang her upside down and shake all the sand out. She loved that part.


  1. I feel your camping pain... I was just complaining that I think it took more time to pack up than we actually spent camping! I love it though- it truly is an escape. ;)

  2. What a fun trip! I understand the conflict in feelings when it comes to camping, but it looks like you still had a great time!