Friday, July 11, 2008

Vacation Day 2: HS Friend Reunion-B

We wake up bright and early Saturday morning . . . the girls watched the kids and the guys cooked up an amazing Cracker Barrel breakfast! (with outrageously priced syrup, might I add :-) After the good eats we decided to go to downtown Boise to the farmer's market and the water fountain. One thing I would like to say is that I think we will end up living in Boise some day. I just like bigger cities, Boise has one of the most amazing downtowns we've ever seen, and the Qwest Center would be a perfect job for D--finding the timing for the job opening is the hard part! Anyways, we made sure the kids had the suits on so everyone could have fun. Unfortunately only two kids would run through the fountain on their own accord (go Allie & Christian!). The fountain part didn't last as long as I'd hoped because I was hoping Ellie wouldn't wuss out so bad. But alas -- she has an aversion to flying, spraying, or splashing water. Although put her in a pool and she'll stay all day! After splashing we wandered around a little bit at the booths. Ellie's favorite by far was the pottery guy -- I couldn't pull her away from there, she was so fascinated watching him create vases and shape that clay! Here are the best shots from that morning:Christian running straight through the middle & lovin every minute of it!
Yeah, he is such a ham. We're lucky to have him :-)
This is pretty much as close as Ellie got to the water. I pulled her in once or twice but she was not too happy with me.
The brave souls -- Allie & Christian, shoulda known Jill could create a girl with guts!!
My 3 kids
After that we headed over to the pool (free)! Heather has great Boise hookups, bytheway! And here is where the kids entered happy zone. I've never seen all of those kids so happy in one place -- the sun, the water, and all of those friends the same age to play with !!! :-) Anna & DJ were so awesome to arrange all the food and planning the whole thing - it was so worth it! Here are the rest of the shots:
K, I just have to say I see this face ALL THE TIME! I swear this girl cries if you look at her wrong (and if you don't hold her 10 hours a day). We're working on it and she's gotten alot better.

Can you believe how happy he is in this picture???

MMMM - Little Ceasar's Hot N' Ready! Enough to feed all of us . . . even Gigi :-)
5 of the 6 girls, we couldn't find Jill when we were taking the picture!
Once DJ showed up all we had to do was look for him and know the boys would be somewhere nearby.
A shot of Jill with Allie & Chloe (since we didn't get her in the other shot)
Near the end of the day I realized I couldn't see Ellie anywhere . . . all three girls were around the corner, showering!
By about 5 the kids were ready to go (and the parents too) we all split and went our seperate ways. Most went back to Poky but we hopped in the car for at least 6 more hours of driving to Portland!! The funnies part of the drive is when we were eating PBJs and I told the kids if they ate their sandwhiches I would give them worms (gummi worms). It was funny to hear them say, "So If I eat my whole sandwhich I will get worms?" I know, gross! Anyways, the trip wasn't really pleasant with exhausted, sunburnt toddlers . . . but we learned our lesson that on the way back we'd be driving through the night!


  1. I loooove Boise too! I told Mike that we need to move there someday! Maybe we'll end up in the same town again afterall!

  2. I love the pics, there is going to have a be a picture trading party in the near future! That was a great reunion!

  3. I miss Idaho!!!! How do you get the pictures in color and black and white. So cute.