Saturday, July 12, 2008

Vacation Day 5: Hot as Hades

So I learned that Portland has humidity in the summer :-) Very uncomfortably hot -- mind you, I've lived in LV . . . so I'm a dry heat kind of girl. For today we planned on the free kids movie at 10 am, home for lunch and then pack up to go to a park that was having a free watermelon eating contest. Portland has a pretty cool park system, I don't know if it still is today but each park had a director in charge of activities -- which would rock my socks. Anyways so all the parks have a lot of things going on. This park even had a swim hole /pit (like a massive wading pool w/o chlorine, but really fun for the kids to play. The downside of the world today is the kids these days are all in daycares -- so daycares have showed up at the park activities we're at and . . . it is impossible to track your kids among 110 relatively unsupervised kids all wearing neon orange daycamp shirts. Here are the kids with the watermelon and after playing for 10-15 minutes on the toys everybody was ready to go home and crash. Travis bought is all frostys, bless him!


  1. I love your watermelon pictures ~ they are so cute! It sounds like you guys had a fun vacation.

  2. I just love those pictures!