Friday, July 11, 2008

Vacation Day 4: Playday

Carrie was planning on taking me strawberry picking Monday morning -- but the U-pick farm that has 'em for 60 cents/lb was closed til Wednesday. The only other thing we had planned that day was to go to the free sprinkler park in Oregon City with a picnic, which we did (but I forgot my camera, dangit!). It was much the same as H2O fountains in Boise, the boys LOVED it and my girls were wusses, once again. I'll just post a few random observations:

People's backyards are forests -- Travis & Carrie's especially.
When Darik doesn't have to work he takes lots of naps.
My nephew Landon is a wrestler (gets that from the Andersons). Christian's not quite so rough and tumble so he got roughed up once or twice. Landon also has some cool costumes for boys to dress up in and still be cool
Carrie makes amazing banana bars.

Kids love spending time with dads.

Ellie loves eating leezards.

Stina's hair is CRAZY curly. For those of you who ask me if her curl is natural, this is proof -- 30 seconds removed from her hair being shampooed in the bath:

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