Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Hacking and the Olympics

Last night I put a little bit of time into hacking my blog into three columns. I like the format better. For anyone who wants instructions, they are here. The only bad thing is that there are very few backgrounds created for three-column blogs. So . . . here we are. It's not my fave one like the brown one with the flowers, but CBOTB kinda lost that one. So - if you have an old monitor all you will see is the text and not the background - I think new monitors show the sides. Either way the info is still there, doesn't look as cutesy - but oh well.

Also I found this cool webpage that has a directory of olympic athletes that are blogging from the games. I was just reading one of the guys gymnastics team member's and it was kinda cool to get a story you don't see on TV. The link is right here if you wanted to see it. Anyways, I better get on my treadmill, I'm behind this morning!

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  1. Hey Kristine,

    Its margie hess from the BYU-I ward, i found your blog on the petrinis blog. So glad I found you and enjoyed seeing the pix fo your fam. Hope all is well!

    Take care