Monday, August 11, 2008

Picture Tag

The challenge is to take a picture of the things on this list without cleaning or straightening up.

#1 The Refrigerator
(I can't open it all the way because it runs into the wall)
#2 The Closet
(the only thing here mine are the 2 shoe hangers on the side, I have my stuff hung around the rest of the house in different spots. Frustrating, but what are ya to do when ya got small closets?)
#3 The Toilet
(potty training is going great, by the way)
#5 My Fave Room
(I like that I always have a room that is picked up that people see. All of our toys stay downstairs or outside. When I read scriptures I like to be by the window in the morning, we have a great view)
#6 The Kitchen Sink
#7 The Laundry Room
#8 A Self Portrait
(Christian insisted he help by taking the picture)
#9 What your kids are doing
(my kids are sleeping right now but they were having a blast sliding down the stairs)
#10 Your Dream VayCay
(I couldn't decide!!! First Darik has to take me back to England. I would love to be around so much history. Then, based on the reviews of all of our friends who have gone, we must go cruising! And long last we'd like to go to Hawaii -- or some other wonderful tropical paradise)


  1. Hey Kris, I like the three columns. I am not sure how the tag thing works. Do I just read it and then do it? For the question one can I copy and paste?

  2. Oh, I miss you guys! Fun tag, I really like the first pic on the vacation one, so pretty, I want to be there!

  3. We could go on a cruise and to Hawaii together. :) Also you can make your own backgrounds but I haven't tried, when I figure it out I'll make you one.

  4. If you go to it gives instructions for how to make your own background. I am too lazy to try it, but if you do let me know how it goes!