Sunday, August 03, 2008


Finally! Right before we left Darik has a super-good friend who came over to help finish installing the sprinklers. (sorry we borrowed him from your house, April, the poor guy volunteered on his own accord. I think it was driving him crazy to see how long it was taking us to finish!) So here are the blessed valves and the sprinkler heads. We tried it all out and they work. Boy, do they work! Our ones in the front yard shoot nearly across the street and into the neighbors yard. I think there is a slight miscalculation in our water pressure that will have to be adjusted. Also during all the welding and soldering of pipes we actually had to replace a broken water softener. It's a long story, basically the lines going into the old one that we reattached were leaking like crazy in our basement. Chad tried to seal the leak and he couldn't -- so we just decided to get a new one since we were planning on getting one anyways. We have been washing dishes by hand because our water is so hard dishes come out of the dishwasher dirtier than when they went in. So our Hallelujah counts for both (sprinklers and soft water!).

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