Sunday, August 03, 2008

Rexburg Ch 1 - My Fave Ladies!

First of all we arrived in Rexburg and we missed the first class of the day and had a few minutes til Pres. Clark's devotional began. So I went directly to where I always go when I am in Rexburg. I visit my favorite ladies in the whole wide world!

Right after my marriage and my graduation from Ricks I applied for an opening in Pres. Bednar's Executive Office @ BYUI as a Receptionist/Secretary. I had my two-year-degree in Office Systems Mgt and thought I would just work in an office until I had a baby, and PRESTO - life would be perfect! Well I was offered the job, and I went on to learn more than I ever have in my life in those two years. There were about 7 other ladies who were executive secretaries in the office who I was called to assist in anyway I could. And even though there were 20+ years separating us they became some of my dearest friends. They were all like my surrogate mother/best friends if that makes any sense. I wasn't always sweet and pleasant (just ask Dixie about the time she asked me to proof minutes for her, and I was kinda bitter about being bored on the job, so I basically unnecessarily mutilated her minutes with a red pen! I never did say sorry about that!) But somehow I just fit in. They have pretty much all known me since I was 18 and got the job working as student secretary in Public Relations -- so they have been there to see what I've been through the last 10 years. I can't believe it's been that long!
Wendy, Kathy, and Me
Debbie, Me, and Dixie (Dixie's husband was our first bishop after we got married. They are awesome!)
Me & Betty
Kristine, Devin, and Me (from LDS Foundation who shared an office with us)

Unfortunately JoAnn wasn't there -- she is off working in BYU-Hawaii Pres Office . . . lucky duck. I'll have to catch a picture of her another time. Anyways, I feel so blessed that I had that job when Bednar was there during the transition and could witness miracles happen daily at work--it was a blessing to feel the Spirit of what we were doing every day. My time there is just filled with some of my fondest memories. Including when Pres. Wilkes finagled me into making up a song on my guitar to silly lyrics he'd made up -- he was assigned finding a new school song for BYUI -- he called his song, "No President, I Won't Get Drunk for Graduation - Cause I Don't Wanna See My Momma Cry" (I still have the lyrics). They called me into President's Council Meeting dressed up in a Cowboy hat and my little guitar to sing it for all of President's Council. Mind you my voice is not great - and I think that contributed to the silliness. They almost fell off their chairs laughing so hard. . It was a fun memory! There are many sweet memories of work parties and temple sessions and JoAnn being there for me . . . she was the first person I told I was thinking about going back to school for a BA after working there for a year and a half. A baby was no where in sight and I was facing a future I had never prepared for or thought could happen to me. She provided just enough encouragement to get me on my way - I still remember the day we all gathered in the conference room so I could let them know. I can still see Betty's shocked face in my mind, I feel like I was her right-hand man and I didn't want to leave. But we both knew it was the right thing for me to do. So to all of my ladies I say thank you! Thank you for your love and friendship and support. Those years were kind of tough for me and I don't know what I would do if I didn't have sweet memories to look back on -- and please plan on me to continue to harass you at your office whenever I am in town!

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  1. Kris, you aren't going to believe this, but my parents have been friends with the Nordfelts FOREVER!I even lived with them the week before we started our freshman year while I was waiting to move into 321. My dad and Bro. Nordfelt were in the Air Force together in Colorado Springs in 1982. I love them, and I'm glad you do too.