Monday, August 04, 2008

miracle of miracles

(please excuse the picture, but this just HAS to be in my next blog book because I thought this day would never come!)

Ellie is (pretty much) potty trained. It all happened at the start of last week when I was visiting teaching with Christina Willis over at Jodie Buck's house and we started talking about potty training and they gave me tons of great advice. It pretty much came down to Christina was potty training Stephanie because she needs to be potty trained by the time she starts preschool in September. Ding! I seriously had one of those light bulbs above my head. Every few days I've just been asking ellie if she wants to use the potty because if she does she can wear panties and she always says, "no, just diapers." But I get home and I tell her if she wants to be a big girl and go to school she can't wear diapers - she has to go in the potty. Ding! You could see the same light bulb over her head. She went straight to the dresser and put on her dora panties. Now that preschool is riding on the whole deal she is 100% committed. I worked with her for two days before going to Rexburg and my Saint of a Mother kept it up for the three days I was gone. When I got back I learned Ellie had been dry ALL DAY and was even going #2 in the big potty. I was a little nervous bringing her to Nursery today in panties . . . but it worked great - she asked Sis Rose to bring her to the potty and she did great and she stays dry and I'm about the happiest mom you can find right now. I owe my mom BIG TIME!! And I can't say enough about waiting until they are three and then finding something to bribe them with (like preschool!). Stickers, candy, etc. never worked -- but Miss April's Preschool is a blessing I will never forget!


  1. Yeah for you! I do not look forward to potty training AT ALL!

    By the way, thanks for your comments on my blog. It is always nice to find someone who has been through the heart ache of not being able to get pregnant when you want to! Some people just don't understand. Anyway, let me stop talking! Have a great day!

  2. We used the same tactic with my son and being able to go by himself and it worked! Congrats!

  3. I've been debating and debating about when is a good time to start Kate potty-training. I just don't think she's ready right now! Thanks for the advice!

  4. Good job Ellie! And yay for you Kris! Hopefully since she is a little older you won't deal with the daily accidents like we did!