Sunday, August 03, 2008

Rexburg Ch 2: The Rest of the Story

So after visiting my friends I am off to all the classes -- we have Alumni Meetings along with our Ed Week schedule to choose from. First off we had to track D's mom down. She was up there as well and we tried to match up our schedules best as possible. It was fun attending a few classes with her. I also ran into a few old friends. My roommate from Ricks, Krissy Coltrin Hegsted, was in one of my classes (but I didn't have my camera with me) and Colette Butterfield Miller (my coworker from PR) was there , too. We also made a few new friends at our Alumni Meetings - the Lamberts from Woods Cross. They are awesome - it will be fun to see them again next year.We got to our hotel and attempted a little self-portrait. We immediately turned around and headed to Idaho falls.
We were skipping an alumni dinner, but it was important because one of D's best friends from HS, Kurt Holverson, was having his 30 yr bday party. It was a lot of fun.
They have a pool table, foosball table, air hockey table, and of course the Wii. This is Kurt & D boxing, I'm posting it because it was an amazing ending -- as time was running out in the 3rd round both of them hit each other at the exact same time and they both fell -- neither of them got up so it was an automatic tie for each getting a KO, I guess. It was crazy.
Part of us running around Rexburg included me having D take pictures of where I lived. Here is Heritage Manor 321.
Darik needed his own picture at Heritage because the summer after we were married he worked here part time doing maintenance -- mainly unclogging all of the nasty drains of hairballs. Yep, gross. The things we do when we're broke!
Here is my sophomore housing, Danbury Manor, this house is where our managers lived, Kurt & Kanani. We were pretty good at getting the guys out by curfew and Kurt would come by and tell(he actually came around with his guitar alot and sang whatever he was saying) us he thought we were gay cuz he never had to kick out guys (as opposed to the crazy problems he had with the two other apts they had). Our FHE bros came over and even made up a song on their guitar in response to Kurt's song. It was pretty funny.
So this is the house that had the tiny basement apartment that we crammed 7 girls into. It was also infested with about 1000 hobo spiders.

Our first married apt was in this house's basement.
After all of our classes and meetings were over - the Alumni had set up a golf outing . . . but by Saturday everyone else had dropped out except for two recently returned RMs. I told D I know I'm getting old when I see RMs and think they look like babies. I seriously remember my freshman year being freaked out whenever I talked to one -- they were SO OLD! Anyways, we were considering skipping it and just going home early . . . . but, it had been so long since we had gone out and just had fun together. Not a movie or anything -- but fun. It's hard to remember that before the craziness of foster parenting there was Darik & Kris instead of Ellie's & ____ parents. So here we are:

I didn't really mention much about the actual classes. They were very good -- you should all go to EdWeek every year if possible, I know D & I are planning on it. It is a very cheap vacation/getaway right where you need it. You can't really re-energize unless its with the Spirit -- so you can't go wrong here :-)


  1. How fun to be able to go down memory lane! I'm glad you guys had a great time!

  2. What a fun way to reminisce! It looks like you had a great time.

  3. I loved living in 321. What great memories. Remember when I put my foot through the wall? And getting quarentined because Johnson looked in the hall mirror? And the dorm boys who would NEVER leave? Ahh, the memories.