Saturday, September 13, 2008

Addison Rose

I just had to share pics of my new niece that I finally met! D's sister had her baby in Connecticut this summer while installing security systems. Her blessing was last weekend in Idaho Falls. She is a cute little baby and I love to hold her and smell her baby smell :-) I'm holding baby Addie
Mindy holding lil Addie (y?)
Uncle Chris & Bubba. Christian loves all of his uncles to death!
I love this pic - they both have the silliest faces. But it shows these two are really tight and loyal to each other (sometimes too loyal!!).
This one is funny, near the end of the day Uncle Chris pulls out the TV for football and suggests chips and salsa. As the kids called it, a "party". I tried to get one of them all taking a bit at the same time. We had fun hanging out with Chris & Mindy & Addie and hope and pray for a miracle in them getting a spot at Poky's Costco so they can live in town!

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