Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Budget Cuts

Alas, with gas & food prices what they are D&I are cutting back everywhere we possibly can . . . which includes our DishNetwork Package. I called to get a quote on moving to the smaller package and the lady switched without me asking her to. So I sat down to watch Colbert Report and (gasp!) Comedy Central was gone, gone, gone! I thought we'd only miss ESPN! I didn't know one of my DVR shows of choice would hit the chopping block. And during Election Season!!?! Aaaaghh! Darik said I probably needed to take a break anyway, but now it might mean me trolling the Internet to watch episodes online. I will be updating more in a little bit but I'm waiting for a picture to be emailed to us from the Ticket Director @ BSU from the football game we went to . . . .


  1. The TV withdrawal is the worst. I am finally getting used to it, but I do spend a lot more time on the internet now!

  2. I have an interesting blog... come on. I don't know how you come up with half the topics that you do. You should have written the script for Seinfield. You talk about anything and everything, I love reading your antics and randomness. It is so funny. I haven't ever had satellite, so I guess I don't know what I am missing... We need to get together for lunch or something sometime.

  3. you do need a break kris. when you said you were gonna have people over for a debate party I started to worry a bit. that being said i learn 80% of what i know about politics from you. so who are you voting for anyway? PS> I cant believe Darik doesnt have ESPN. Thats Bollocks