Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I give up, just for today

Today was . . . today. Just . . yeah. It started off great with Ellie's first dance lesson. I will try to use the flash @ next week's class but I was afraid it would just reflect through the window we watch them through. She was adorable and had fun and (was a little distracted and kept having to be redirected and focused by her teacher Missy (misty? whatever) but it was all good). Plus we got there and I see Jollee, the other foster mom of C&C's half-siblings, turns out Hailey signed up for the same dance class as Ellie. So El has Hailey and our neighbor Claire in there with her. I think it helps.

Then I went straight to the Dept for a big old meeting. I forget what it's called but basically birth mom, foster moms, 3 department people all sit and talk for (what was supposed to be) 2 hours to figure out the situation on how to transition the kids home the best and what strengths and concerns we have in the whole situation. It went long. Which was also ok.

But here's the hard part - I picked the girls up from my mom's and bring them home and feed em lunch. Later Ellie went upstairs to go to the bathroom - I little while later I hear commotion. Ellie had jammed a handful of wipies down the toilet and it was overflowing all over and El was naked and Stina was playing in the mess on the floor. And I had to be to Christian's school in 10 minutes to get him to partial care. I get home 45 minutes later and finally am able to clean up the mess. I call the caseworker and let her know I need at LEAST 2 days of respite care this weekend. So yeah. Today I give up. Better luck tomorrow.

p.s. maybe it didn't help I stayed up until 3 reading Goose Girl. Dumb me :-) Today is definitely a frozen dinner day! I also promise that after a weekend of respite care I'm turning over a whole new leaf -- and quit complaining so much on my dang blog!


  1. Don't worry Kris. We all have days like that. And you aren't the only one who stays up until 3am reading. When else can I read completely undistracted? Anyway, good luck tomarrow.

  2. Oh, I hate bad days. I hope it is better after the weekend Kris. Kids are crazy, and for some reason they always want to put things in the toilet. Chelsie thinks it is funny. But, Jordyn thinks it is even funnier to watch it be flushed down. They make for a bad combination.