Thursday, September 18, 2008


So I am finished complaining. Today is awesome. Last night I went to bed at 9 pm. Woke up early had the dishes done before breakfast, treadmilled it for a bit, fed my kids & got em out the door, etc. After Ellie got home from preschool all of us girls jammed out to my iPod. I cannot describe to you how cute it is to see these girls try to copy me headbanging. Ellie's new favorite song is "Nah-Nah Nah-Nah" or most well known as "So What" by Pink. We just had a great time. I wish D&I could go clubbing, I'm confident in myself enough I don't hide from dances (like I did in JH & HS) but now we're married and have babies and Mormons are usually too uptight to go out and dance and have fun. Maybe one day on one of my trips to Vegas :-) Anyways, the lady at BSU finally emailed the picture of us on the smurf turf:


  1. I'd love to go clubbing with you, let's make that a goal someday!

  2. I miss the smurf turf territory! Glad you had a much better day.