Wednesday, September 03, 2008


Here is Christina. She has been jealous of everyone else getting their pictures taken in the morning. So here she is with bed head and everything. She is a cutie.
Our first day with Christian at school all day -- the girls played so great! Hardly any fights at all for the whole day. All three of us girls were loving every minute of it.
Ellie has a new thing she loves -- a ballerina outfit (what are they called?) leotards?? I did her hair in a bun and I almost cried my baby is getting so big.
The other day D called from Holt Arena -- the maintenance guys had found a little kitty that has been a stowaway living in the Holt. Nobody else could take it home so we decided to try it out. After $7 at the store she hung around our backyard all day. She was too little to try to jump the fence. Darik was taking bets at work over which would happen first -- it would run away . . . or our toddlers would mangle it. The runaways won. Even though she stayed in the backyard for over 12 hours when we woke up she was gone. I should have locked her in the garage for night times but my brain wasn't thinking. Oh well. We were pet owners (again) for a day - and are only out $7. It was a valiant effort, I thought.

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  1. Such sweet pictures! How fun you get to have some girl time! I love Christina in her big orange shirt.