Thursday, September 04, 2008

the veepstakes

I used to have a politics blog back when I lived in Iowa (Confessions of a Moderate Conservative) -- it started picking up a little bit of steam before I left (I really didn't want to move from the political scene there) . . . once we got here the blog kinda went kaput -- how much political drama can one stumble upon in Idaho?

Anyways I haven't really blogged very much since then about politics. I just wanted to put my two cents out there. I used to be a registered independent. I think the partisan politics is what will ruin the nation -- I mean I have been attacked on blogs from leftys saying I'm a religious fanatic and I've been called a baby killer (for having Ellie being my only surviving embryo from in vitro fertilization) by the right-wing nut-jobs on blogs as well. So I despise both extreme wings and was really hoping this election could be different I really wanted boths sides to tack towards the middle (where most of Americans lie) instead of giving extremists more power. It's really hard because the extremists are the ones who our enthusiastic door-knockers and delegates to conventions -- basically the ones willing to bust their butts for the candidates to get them elected -- so the candidates have to cater to them.

Anyways, in some ways I could go either way in this election. I do see at least some good things on each side. I was really waiting for the announcements of the VPs because I see it as a symbolic gesture of where they are going and their philosophies. So Barack talks about reaching across aisles and uniting the nation and picks another left-winger. I waited on baited breath for McCain's pick. I was really wanting it to be somethign that would mix up the race real good -- well I got what I wanted but I had been hoping for Lieberman. I think a split party ticket is really where America should go right now.

Now I call myself a moderate . . . I'm more socially moderate and fiscally conservative. I'm probably for civil unions (just to get them off our backs about marriage) and am for abortion in cases of incest, rape, or life of mother in danger, etc. So with this whole Palin thing . . . ahhh. I really like her. Talk about a spunky sort of conservative feminist we can all agree with. My one problem -- she veers the GOP ticket far to the right -- and those right-wing nut jobs who call me a baby killer LOVE her. I just don't think we need to go in a direction with someone who thinks all pregnancies HAVE to be carried out in any circumstances lest they face jail, fines, etc.

So I know I won't get what I want with a split ticket. Now my dilemma is to buy into the Obama rhetoric of unity where he has no pattern of behavior of reaching across party lines . . . or buy into feisty McCain and his track record of reaching across party lines, even if it hasn't always been pretty. I really don't know where I or the rest of America is going to end up on this whole thing --

But as a political junkie I'm inviting everyone to come enjoy the circus. This thing is wildly entertaining and should be tons of fun every step of the way the next 60 days. Can't wait for the VP debates, eh? We should have a big debate watching party with friends here in Poky. I just think it'd be fun!

p.s. McCain just finished his speech and methinks I'm starting to see a combover. Bad idea. Give me some bald scalp, baby! Anyways, I thought he did great.


  1. If I was in Pocky I would totally have a debate watching party with you. As it is, I guess we will just have to make do with blogging. Or maybe if something really exciting happens, I will call you to jabber about it.

  2. I love your political commentary, you have so many good points. I have no idea where I stand at this point, and unfortunately I haven't found the time to educate myself enough to make an informed decision.