Friday, October 24, 2008

anatomically incorrect

So this past week I have decided it's time to teach Ellie the correct names to male/female anatomy. I know, I know, I wanted to wait until she didn't bust it out during shopping or church . . . but I just think now is such a good time for her to learn it and not have any shame associated with it so she doesn't think it's dirty - in the next two years she's gonna know everything's not all called a peepee, ya know? And if you tell them too late then they think there is a reason why you hid the words from them and - automatic negative association. So yeah.

So I had a casual talk where I mentioned to her what the real names of things are. Well, wouldn't ya know it, she misunderstood one of the words! A few days later I dropped her off at my moms to babysit and made sure my mom was prepared for what might pop out of Ellie's mouth; sure enough, my mom got to experience it at the grocery store where Ellie proudly stated for all to hear what she "has". Later after my dad got home (and was in the dark concerning her recent education) he walked into the kitchen where she was. She was thinking quietly for a little bit and then asked him, "Papa, do you have a peanut?" He looked at her really confused and just said, "No Ellie, Papa doesn't have any peanuts." He went into the other room where mom let him in on the 411 and . . . they put 2 and 2 together and figured out what she was getting at. When he went back into the kitchen he had to make sure to let her know that, "Papa was confused before and he just wants you to know that yes, he does have a peanut."

When I got there to pick her up that night my parents reminded me you can't have that kind of talk with your kid without going over where it is okay to say those words. It wasn't so hard - she has already learned that no one can look at/touch/etc any of her private parts and she should only be naked when changing/bathing. So a little course correction at home was all it took (only say those words at home with mommy or daddy, etc.), and she has let us know if she has more questions but it looks like all is well that ends well.


  1. Oh man! That is a great story! I'm proud of you for teaching her. I'm nervous about when I have to do "the talk". I'll probably be asking you for advice.

  2. Wow!! You are brave for talking to her about that. I have been wondering if I should have the talk too before Emma starts school in the Fall. I'm nervous about it but I think she will handle is well. Way to go mom.

  3. That's a cute story, and good for you for teaching her.

  4. So funny! I guess my kids are starting to get to that age where I should explain it to them.....but I just can't bring myself to it yet. Can't they stay babies forever?