Wednesday, October 22, 2008

a week in the life of me

  • includes trying to figure out why a six-year-old boy is so freaking confusing to the mind
  • having a great weekend of just chilling and watching the red sox win, and then lose
  • celebrating my brother's & his wife's birthdays (his car broke down on his and they lost their puppy on hers - yikes!)
  • trying to convince a red-headed toddler every morning at 3 am that monsters don't exist
  • getting a weekend of respite care (again) and having another foster mom validate how hard my current job is - I could have hugged her, just to have another mom understand was worth its weight in gold.
  • putting up with a screaming, writhing-in-pain Ellie until we could get her into the doctor this morning
  • trying to convince a three-year-old that, yes, I really do want her to pee in a cup
  • spending the next 4 hours accomplishing the task
  • after catching the pee in a cup as is it was splashing down on the floor - realizing that my life is a crazy kind of great
  • being taken by the marketing gurus at Walgreens as I wait for Ellie's prescriptions to be filled and walking out with Christmas presents (before Halloween, mind you)
  • having D bring home a hot-n-ready masterpiece on a day I couldn't function for much longer (thanks Lil' Caesars!)


  1. AWWWW.....Mommy hood.

  2. You're so awesome! I miss you...we need to get together again!

  3. Being a mom is crazy!! But it sounds like you are doing a great job. I remember writing down the crazy things that happened to me in a week. You have my sympathy.

  4. I did not know that you are a red sox fan! My hubby is obsessed and I am glad to see it finally over for the season!
    If you find something that works for the monsters... let me know we are having the same problems with Emma!

  5. Isn't it funny, I know ALL moms go through ALL of the stuff you just mentioned, but just to hear someone say what problems they're having too, makes us feel so SANE!!! It always comforts me to know that parenting doesn't come as a no brainer... to ANYONE. ;)

  6. What is wrong with Ellie? Sounds serious with all the peeing in a cup and all. Steph is deathly afraid of monsters also. And Ghosts. Oh well.