Friday, October 31, 2008

Blog Books

Kjerstin alerted me to the fact that my fave Blog Book site, only slurps blogs from LiveJournal and TypePad (and no longer from blogger). It seems with Blogger changing so much of their coding, it isn't working well with 3rd Party AIP, whatever that means. So . . . . I've found two ways around it. If you have a smaller blog (few entries) I can slurp it for you on my old version of BookSmart. If not I have found a way around it -- it involves importing your blog into LiveJournal and then into BookSmart, but I figured it out today and it was working for me. If you would like help with any of these options (esp with the end of the year coming) just email me and let me know, if you are in town let's set up a time to come over to my place - it'll be easier to show you in person. Thanks!


  1. Thanks for the update! That really sucks though... I'm not sure when I'm gonna do mine, but I am sure that I'll be calling you when I do- You're so helpful!!:)

  2. none of that made sence... So I would love for you to show me! I will Amber now and we can set up soemthing.... Hope you have a wonderful Halloween.

  3. Anonymous12:36 PM

    Can you explain how to import your entire Blogger blog into LiveJournal? Thanks!


  4. Hello! Colette pointed me your way as I just discovered this problem myself. I think I know you from school! My name is Autumn (Southam). I don't know if we were in dorms together, classes, or what, but I KNOW I know your face!

    I am so mad because I HAD the older version of BookSmart and just downloaded the new one just because it was available...not knowing of course that this wasn't an option! Grr. I heard you could upload to livejournal but thought heard you couldn't import pictures? Thanks for the ideas. I guess I won't give up yet! :)