Saturday, November 01, 2008


Halloween was a great day, actually. We woke up and after breakfast I dressed the girls up so they could go see their daddy. Darik worked 18-hours days THU&FRI&SAT with HSFB Playoffs so he wasn't going to get to see any of the kids at all on Halloween unless I brought them down to his office. So after taking a few pics that's what we did. Then we went to my mom's house while the girls played with clay while me & my mom made her famous Halloween Spudnuts (doughnuts). Crystal (the foster kids' mom) got her first overnight visit with them on Halloween, so after Bubba got out of school she was there to pick them up and take them home with her for the weekend. Which left Ellie and I for a girls night out. We went back and helped Nana cook the doughnuts, delivered some to daddy, splurged and went out to eat at Arctic Circle just the two of us (see her eating the courtesy cone?), then trick-or-treated a at a few houses in the neighborhood I grew up in (what can I say, I was feeling sentimental), and then hit our trunk-or-treat at our church. I'm glad I ran in to Chritiana and her daughter Stefanie. It was fun to have the girls go around together. After we made it around the full time Ellie was cranky and ready to go home to bed. But there was one small catch, she mistook this guy at trunk-or-treat:for this guy:
that's right she thought one of the Jabbawockeez was at her church handing out candy. We saw him and she said, "Mom, look a Jabbawockee!" She was so happy and so impressed that he was there. Well we moved on and as I was getting ready to put cranky Ellie in her carseat I asked her if she wanted to take a picture with the Jabbawockee. She was SO SO SO excited. It was the highlight of her whole day. All the way home she was rambling, "Mommy that Jabbawockee go home to his house and then dance on the TV and hold my hand and be my friend." For those of you who don't know the Jabbawockeez won the first season of MTV's Americas Best Dance Crew and all Ellie wanted to do when she got home was get in her jammies and watch "Apologize" her favorite dance of theirs. So now I leave you with the highlight of Ellie's day, and hope you enjoy it as much as she did:

UPDATE: p.s. I forgot to say how her adorable little princess outfit? Someone just gave it to my mom, so I took first dibs. We are on a pretty good run here - 3 years, 3 free costumes!!

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  1. Christiana Willis9:52 AM

    You do such a good job on your blog! I will have to have you tutor me cause mine is pretty plain compared to yours. It was nice to see that picture of Steph on here! They are so cute!