Thursday, October 09, 2008

I Heart October Conference

First of all I just love Conference, at least since Oct. 2000 when I actually listened, took notes, and let it change my life. It was Oaks' talk about Becoming instead of Doing that changed my attitude about conference. Ever since then I think he's always been my fave - then add my years of listening & working with Bednar and I've got a pretty solid 1-2 punch. I am always disappointed when either of these two speak at priesthood instead of the general assembly. Anyways, I digress.
My main love of October Conference is because right after Oaks gave his talk way back in 2000, I had my first date with Darik. He came over to my house for a shepherds pie "cookoff" which was more just him showing up to eat and bringing dessert. We had a great time talking that night just shooting the breeze - he said he knew he was in danger of being hooked when I busted out my binders of baseball cards. Well, it wasn't much longer after that til he really was hooked. But it's just so fun to have this occasion tied to Conference weekend every fall.

Another reason I love October Conference? Ellie was made in the year 2004 over this weekend. The embryologist was planning the transfer being on Sunday followed by three days of bedrest. I had just finished working a crazy week helping put on Agassi's Grand Slam for Children Fundraiser on Saturday night --- I had even told work I was skipping out of clean-up duty for an outpatient surgery I had scheduled. The transfer was rescheduled to Monday, the 4th to give Elle one more day to grow in a petri dish -- so this weekend also brings a lot of great memories for reasons solely belonging to Ellie.

This year was just ho-hum. Saturday was great because the foster kids were with their mom all day! It was just El & I (D worked from 9am - 930pm but was able to take a break from his deposit to go to Phood). I set up the tent so the kids could be a little distracted and use it as a fort while we watched. Ellie started there but as soon as the choir started singing she was right there on my lap watching the whole thing. I was surprised how much she loved the singing. She was a little cuddle bug and although I had to tell her, "If you try to pick my nose one more time I'll put you in the tent" ten times -- we both survived and enjoyed the experience.
Sunday morning the kids cuddled a little, too (I love it when we're all sweet!). And then we went to Millers for afternoon conf because we were leaving right after for Gmas party in Preston.

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