Thursday, October 09, 2008

Note to DH

Lately Darik has asked me where I'd like to move next after he gets his MBA. At first the list kind looked like this:
  1. Boise
  2. Vegas
  3. The Southwest
  4. The Midwest (Des Moines!?)
  5. Back east but not too north or too south, so like Viriginia?
Well, today's high was 45*, this morning I felt some snowflakes on my face, and this weekend we are predicted to get 1-6 inches of snow. And we had snow in June. So Idahoans can reasonably expect snow 9 months of the year. If I were to fill out my list now it would look like this:
  1. Anywhere warmer than here!


  1. You need to come to Texas. There are so many awesome schools here. He needs to check out Texas A&M. I love this school. Wards are awesome and the town is awesome. Today's weather was h- 87 and L- 57. No humidity. Today was leave you windows open kind of day. Also it DOES NOT snow here. I love it.

  2. Philadelphia is pretty warm right now...just FYI :-)

  3. If you don't mind rain Western Oregon is great. Roseburg and South you at least see the sun once a day. Hardly ever snows and if it does it only lasts a week at the most...

  4. Yeah for Des Moines! We LOVE it here. We are having great fall weather but it does get cold in Jan and Feb but you know about that.

  5. Eastern Idaho is much colder than Boise! Keep it as an option. I need more friends here. :)