Tuesday, October 07, 2008

a meltdown of grand proportions

I just wanted to say a few quick words about our plummeting 401ks. In response to the financial crisis the world is full of a million pointing fingers making sure everyone knows the other guy was to blame.

I am really really really sick of all the lying and fingerpointing. Do you know whose fault it is?

  • Clintons
  • Democrats
  • Republicans
  • Bush
  • All of congress
  • Lax regulation on companies involved
  • Pressure to let lower income families own homes they can't afford
  • Predatory lenders
  • Financial companies who bundled and sold the worthless mortgages
  • Stupid people who didn't understand what loan they were getting
  • Greedy people who knew what loan they were getting and were just trying to strike it rich (I do just have to add that D&I were one of those greedy people who took an ARM to buy an investment home in Vegas. We lucked out and sold it before the crash when we moved to Iowa. We lost most of the $ on our house in Iowa, though.)
If I hear one more person say this is all Clintons fault or all the Republicans (Democrats, etc. whatever) fault I'm going to barf. Yes 6 years ago an alarm was sounded and Republicans asked for higher regulation of Fannie/Freddie. Yes Democrats stomped their feet and threw a tantrum and the issue was tabled. But guess what -- Republicans OWNED control of the House and Senate and THEY could have forced the issue. But they let it drop. If anyone cared about it enough they could have thrown a big enough stink til it was taken care of. But they didn't. And neither Obama or McCain will tell the truth and say it's everybody's fault. It is BS and I'm barfing in my mouth right now.

I tried to watch tonight's debate and almost lost my mind. No one would answer THE QUESTION that was asked. Both of those lying sacks of politicians just stood up and BSd about their "talking points" that have been manufactured by their campaigns. Take for example the question, "Should health care be treated like a commodity?" Obama says, "Health care is important and this is what I'm going to do and McCain is the devil, by the way." And McCain stands up and says, "Did you hear Obama just say he's gonna kill your grandma? By the way this is what I'm going to do." Blech.

How can I hate something (politics) that I love so much?

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