Tuesday, October 14, 2008

on the up and up

things are much better today -- D was actually home after work so I took a little "mommy time" and ate dinner in bed (away from kids) and then played solitaire and read Shannon Hale. D took care of dishes and playing with the kids. I helped get Ellie down although he pretty much did all of the bedtimes. Then he took over this morning and I got to SLEEP IN! I am still a bit sleepy but things are on the up and up - and I can face the day!


  1. Isn't it nice to have husbands who just know when we need a little break and help take over.

  2. I loved it when Chris did that over the summer when I was so exhausted. Tell Darik I'm so proud of him:) Hey, Chris was thinking of accounting as a minor..you guys should talk to him since you both took classes in business and accounting.

  3. Yeah! I love Mommy-time-outs. They are so needed around here. Glad things are turning around!