Saturday, October 11, 2008

A Mother's Prayer

My grandmother has had this cross stitch since I can remember but only recently have I come to appreciate it:

"Dear Lord, give me the patience to endure my blessings."

Well, we've had an exciting week. On Monday D told me "oh yeah, remember I'm going with the ISUFB team on the 3-day-road-trip to CO this weekend." Great. Then for the last two weeks Christian has had Thurs/Fri off of school. Then our furnace is discovered to not be working when the lows over the weekend will be in the teens. So the furnace fixer guys come over. They spent an hour (at $50/hr each) trying to fix it. Turns out our intake/outtake air vents in the backyard had been stuffed with sidewalk chalk, socks, plastic food, and electrical tape. Goody. There goes a Benjamin.And then the kids' mom calls (she gets visitation twice a week) and I was counting on a little breaky-breaky this Saturday. Anyways she calls to say she can't find a ride to get the kids. Yikes, I call Ds cell and vent. Then I get cheerful and clean the house and get the kids to bed early. Then we get to wakey up to a skiff of snow on the ground. {it's still snowing} The kids were so pumped to go and play out there at the crack of dawn - who am I to squelch such happiness?

I get em bundled up {{I L-O-V-E that Ellie still has chubby cheeks in her winter hat, btw}} and send em out while I make German pancakes. {yum} They come back in 10 minutes later freezing. I get em to the table to eat -- and Stina starts barfing her guts up on her plate. Now Stina has quite the reputation for gorging her mouth with 8 bites and then waiting to chew and swallow and then she just has to gag it all up. I've been trying to teach her. So at this point there's a 50/50 chance she's sick or she's just being Stina. She gets mad at me and looks at me with her Stink Eye I am so often the recipient of, and continues to barf up 5 more times everywhere. Since she's sick I send her to the tub and to the bath for the rest of the day. Now I'm getting the Death Eye from her, which really, I get once a day - but at least I was in the middle of laundry and could just throw everything right in the washer. See I do have blessings! And thanks to Bednar at conference I get to pray every day for the sanity and patience to be a good mommy.


  1. Ah, isn't it grand! What a day, I do love the quote, such blessings, but we do need extra blessings to accompany our pre-existing blessings! Now I'm just rambling. I'm sorry about the snow, but I love the cute pics of the kids in their snow garb!

  2. Keep up the good job. You can do it. Your kids are so cute all bundled up to play in the snow. I miss the snow.

  3. your a nicer mom than me. I refused to let my kids go play in the snow at the crack of dawn. I said they could play a little later and then we ended up being out and about all day and they never got to play in it. so now I am "the meanest mom ever!"

  4. we had a similar thing with our tub! It was not draining and we found a ball that was stuck in the drain!

  5. So not fun. Hang in there!