Thursday, November 20, 2008

Dancing Queen

It's been a while since I actually blogged about something that happened instead of something in my head . . . so here I go.
Another update on Ellie's dance class. They are starting to learn a routine for their recital in January. It is really cute . . . I can't wait to post the video of that when the time comes. The newest thing they are doing in class is trying to learn the basics of cartwheels and walking on the beam. Ellie is one of the littlest in her class and I thought that was why she was struggling, but the other little girl has no problem with the beam. Don't get me wrong, Ellie's not scared and she doesn't fall off . . . she just goes s. u. p. e. r. s. l. o. w. Seriously, tiny baby steps down the whole thing. The teacher has started to learn to either have Ellie go last on the beam or she holds her hands and speeds her along. The funniest part is that there ends up being two to six girls in a traffic jam behind my little baby-stepper, and she doesn't notice she just continues on at a snail's pace. Here are the rest of the pictures, you will have to excuse either the blurriness or the flash, it is hard getting a good shot through a dance-class window!

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  1. So cute! Oh how fun, I so want to put Audrey into dance lessons.