Saturday, November 08, 2008

Just real quick,

In case you don't read my comments . . . I just found this anonymous comment and wanted to respond.

Anonymous said...
Hey I saw your post from another blog. While talking to my husband he opened my eyes to the ramifications of legalizing gay marriage and ammending the constitution to that. I don't know if this is truth but he said the LDS church could then be forced to marry same sex couples. Maybe that has a little something to do with why the church has taken such a strong stance.

9:14 AM
Kristine said...
the Church would never be forced to marry gays.

Legalizing gay marriage will put churches and the govt on a crash course that will end in the Supreme Court having to decide if churches, charities, and non-taxed entities will lose their tax-exempt status if they "discriminate" against a protected legal class i.e. Gays. It will be a battle in the courts . . . it won't result in us being forced to do anything except lose our tax-exempt status. Which would likely cripple us. Can you imagine the church then having to pay property taxes on all their temples, universities, and meetinghouses? ouch! On the other hand to keep the tax-exempt status we would have to stop preaching against homosexuality. We would go the way of the Boy Scouts (who lose their gov't benefits) or the Catholic Adoption Agencies in MA (who closed down) for not accepting everyone into their group. Also religious families will also end up pulling their children from public schools in droves as homosexual relationships will then HAVE to be taught as equal to heterosexual in government-run schools.

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  1. Hey guys, I am a major blog hopper and found Mindy's today...which in turn had yours. I cannot believe how big your girl is now. She is adorable. I hope you guys are doing good. Mike and Karen have a blog too. You should check it out. You can get to it from mine.
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