Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Girl Power

Tis life. We get home from Christmas and I go downstairs to see my girls playing with their abundance of girly toys? Nope - all of Christian's cars. It was awesome.
Also during the holidays I was able to get together with my wonderfully awesome high school friends whom I love with all my heart - there were 7 out of the 10 of us there. It is funny, even though 5 of us now live in Pocatello it's really hard for us to get together, we used to have quite a few girls nights, but that's our new year's resolution - a get together at least once per month.
I just counted it up and between nine of us there are 21 kids and 3 on the way! (hmm, think that might have anything to do with why it's so hard to get together?) So crazy what can happen in 10 years! In the back is Heather (4-in UT), Jill (3.5-in Poky), Celeste (3-in Poky); and in the front is Anna (1-in Boise), Janna (1.5-in Poky), me (1), and Jenn (3). Missing was Wendi (2.5-in Logan) and Tsa (2-Philly). It was also the first time I got to hold my cousin Anna's new baby, Boston!! He is such a cutie, even if he was grumpy with gas!Teresa was supposed to be there but had to go to Utah instead. So she dropped by my house later that week. Our girls are less than a month apart and they are so cute together. Ellie has missed Jayda since they moved to Philly. They were being stinkers and not being very cooperative in getting cute pictures together . . . so this is the best I could get - can you tell the Christmas vacation was taking a toll on their sleeping patterns (i.e. grumpiness)? Ok at least on Ellie's, we're still trying to recover!


  1. Anonymous1:31 PM

    I'm still so bummed that we missed out on the party, but glad that we still got to see you!

  2. I loved seeing the pics of everyone from high school. I can't believe how we are all grown up, and as you said before, really look pretty much the same. Really, it may sound crazy but I sometimes wonder am I old enough to be doing all this? Love your blog and thanks for the help with the book thing.

  3. Thanks for this post! What fun it is see all of you guys. I was amazed that I could remember people's names. Sometimes I wish I lived closer so I can keep in touch better.