Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A Month of Uncertainty

I kind of mentioned a little bit about how our foster care placement plans have all gone kaphooey . . . I think we'll know more about that next week though (i.e. kids go home w/parents or up for adoption -- we just don't know at this point).

December also brought another thing that has been up in the air. Darik got an email update from that the Director of Ticketing position was open for the Jazz. Even though we love it @ ISU we figured it'd be a mistake not to go for it . . . well after a phone interview and a final interview D came in #2 as they promoted someone internally for the spot. All is well that ends well - the only pros for the job were the $ and the career move . . . and those can both come later. I told him now I can just make sure he moves me somewhere warm for the next step up. Although I have to say if we have to live in a big city to move up career-wise Utah sure would be nice to stay close to family . . . ah well.

Anyway the point is that both of these things dragged through the whole month of December - so we were sitting there not knowing if we'd have 2 extra kids a month from now or have them gone or if Darik would be in Utah, etc. It was a little unsettling - I love the feeling of just knowing, you know?


  1. There is so much to be said for predictability. I hope everything turns out the way you hope.

  2. Sounds like our lives! I hope that you find the peace to get you through this time. I know what the foster program can do to you, my family is adopting a little boy that was suppose to be a 30 day placement over 2 years ago. Your doing a wonderful job and I hope that they give you answers soon!