Friday, December 12, 2008

Idaho Falls or Bust

Early the next morning we headed up to Idaho Falls - it has been a long while since we visited family & friends up there what with Darik's schedule so we squeezed it in. Darik's dad was driving through Poky on Friday and knew we'd be up on Sunday so he asked if he could steal Elle Belle from us for a few days. We did not have to ask her twice, as soon as we mentioned going up to Gma & Gpas in his big truck she was practically dragging us out the door. When we dropped her off and tried to get hugs . . . well, let's just say her mind was already well on her way to her beloved grandparent's house and we were the last two things standing in her way!! I don't have any pics from her two days up there without us but I know she had fun. Her aunt Alyssa has curly hair like Stina and while Alyssa was rocking her to sleep the night before Ellie asked if Alyssa could try to make her hair curly. Alas, despite best intentions it didn't turn out quite as we'd hoped (she touched the curling iron).
It was fun to hang out with D's fam. It's always nice to see them (especially baby Addie, who you could tell I just love cuddling with) and always a fun visit.

D chugging Mt Dew before walking into Sacrament Meeting, D doesn't get much sleep with his schedule and was hoping to stay awake thru church at his home ward
We had a fun birthday dinner for Darik that night, too. Below is Cinderella trying on daddy's new glass slipper.The other reason we went up to IF is that D's best friend from HS came up from LV. We all got together at his other BF from HS's house, which is out on some golf course (and is quite literally my dream house!). So miracle of miracles - Darik wriggled a vacation day away from the office for Monday and we hung out with Chris n' Mindy n' Addie until party time at Kurt & Mary Beth's. We actually had a blast with everyone together. D has great best friends and I think all three guys married amazing, wonderful, intelligent, beautiful, capable, awesome women!! So while the guys gorged on nachos while watching Kung Fu Panda, the girls talked about that homewrecker A. Jolie, and our 3 darling princesses had fun playing. After dinner & games Mike & Karen had to take off and it was a crazy hugfest. And then we got to go back downstairs for a few fun rounds of Mario Kart.

It would be really fun if we could get all of us living in one place - so Kurt and Mary Beth be prepared to end up in Vegas one day!! ;-)

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