Friday, December 12, 2008

This Old Man

I am officially married to an old man. On November 22 Darik turned thirty. I had thought about how I wanted to do something really big and special and nice to surprise him. So I thought about a big surprise party with family and friends . . . the problem was - D's schedule was overbooked. He worked all Friday night in addition to the 14 hour shift he put in on his birthday Saturday. I didn't strand him at the office - I knew all the ladies there were spoiling him (i.e. feeding him) just fine. But I had Jon & his family in from Vegas and I was hoping he would be off by 9 pm and we could surprise him with cake & ice cream. Well 8 pm came and I decided to head off to the office to help him and see if I could get him out of there by 9 pm. This is Darik with $46,000 in 20s (he is so smokin hot!!). He had a lot to count, the night before he held three high school football championship games in addition to all the cash he had to count from the ISU games on the 22nd. We stopped by mom's house just after 10. . . . and he decided instead of games he just wanted to relax with a movie (The Traitor with Don Cheadle). It was nice. I feel bad about not doing something huge from him - but we are not big party people . . . we really prefer small groups - even in family gatherings we have lots more fun with just two or three couples than with EVERYONE there. Although that is always nice, too. Anyways, Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband - he really is the perfect man for me and I hope I helped make him feel a ~little~ special on his special day. Loveyababe!

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