Tuesday, December 09, 2008

The Miscellaneousness of Us

Out of all my miscellaneous pictures over the past four weeks this is my fave, my dad and Ellie at a ISU Bball game. When I was little my dad would take me to the games and let me sit courtside right next to him and take stats. It is a very sweet thing to see my little kitten (I was my dad's kitten at that age, too) with my dad doing the same thing. I'm very glad she loves her papa.
Ellie doing some kind of crazy dancin' at nana's house.
Ellie loves this elephant over at my friend Emma's house. She has to sit on it every time.
Old crappy vacuum, meet new vacuum - you've been replaced! The vacuum we bought with our reception $ for $50 died last month. I didn't get a Dyson, but a few steps down. I like my early christmas present!
For some reason I felt compelled to add this to my blog - my OCD way of unpacking my dishwasher. With the kids plastic plates & cups I always ALWAYS have to make a pattern out of the colors. So this time I realized how weird I was and decided to record it as one of my quirks.

I built a house around my little princess. She loved it.

Claire and Owen came over to play the other day. They were so cute making music together - their first garage band, I was so proud!

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  1. garnet11:20 AM

    OCD or not, I totally make patterns out of my plastic cups too! Even when I set the table. They don't all match, so it might as well be fun. I don't think anyone would every really notice that, but I do and it secretly makes me happy.