Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Slick as Snot

That's what is was - on Red Hill on New Years Eve. We got pounded with snow the week of Christmas . . . and then it warmed up and melted and then froze again . . . so when we went sledding on New Year's Eve with the other foster family . . . . it was hilarity all around - actually it was one part frustration, one part hilarity, and two parts fun.The funniest part is that it was so flippin slick . . . that you didn't need a sled. Seriously, if you're wearing snowpants you could just sit down and go. The kids LOVED it. My favorite part of all of sledding (was not trying to drag two toddlers up a hill on a sheet of ice at a 45* angle, nope not that) was that the girls were just sitting at the top of the hill waiting for a sled, and instead I just kicked em down the hill (okay, more accurately, gave a little nudge with my foot). Those little pink and purple marshmallows just slid all the way down with big ol goofy smiles the whole time. Another funny part was just watching the kiddies s.t.r.u.g.g.l.i.n.g to make it back up. Once we moved over to the flatter incline area it was way easier - and no one got hurt - so that was good. I told D, sure it was frustrating trying to get back up but it was pretty awesome that we can know we will ALWAYS remember the sledding on ice day!


  1. I love those big smiles! The one with Darik and the girls is my favorite!

  2. Your post had me giggling! You can tell by the shiney snow how slick it is! It's so fun watching kids experience these kinds of childhood joys for the first time. Remember all of our days sledding when we were younger~