Thursday, January 08, 2009

Sunbeams, Rosy Cheeks, and Crowns

A tea party in jammies - what more could ya ask for???

The Many Princess Faces of Ellie. Have you noticed she never takes that dang crown off? It was only after tears that Darik was able to remove it for church.

Look at those rosy cheeks! Aren't my kids cute when they just wake up?

And the biggest news of the week . . . Ellie started Sunbeams. And already she as to give the opening prayer in Primary this Sunday! I am subbing as Sunbeams teacher til they call a new one. It is fun to be back in Junior Primary where you get to hear things like the teacher asks, "And how do we strengthen our family for FHE?" and the kid says, "Eat your green beans!"
I. Love. Junior. Primary. Period.

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p.s. these collages were done with Picasa 3, a free program. USE. IT. It takes less than half the time to make them in that program than what I was using.

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