Friday, January 09, 2009

Cereal For 25 Cents A Box!! {free coupon class}

I've received some questions -
1) No you don't have to sign up for anything or pay anything. I will show you where to get all the information you need for free
2) Is it really hard and does it take a lot of time? No

3) Do you have to track every coupon? No. Seriously so easy.

4) I don't make any money by teaching you or sending you to the free website. If you sign up for the paper I do make the commission though - and you don't have to do that.

I want to share with you all the knowledge I've gained this past week. I've spent bunches of hours (online and at Albies talking to managers, cust service, etc.) to figure out how to coupon shop here in Pocatello . My first couponing shopping trip was not without some hiccups (NEVER BRING TODDLERS WITH YOU WHEN COUPONING!) and you really have to get the hang of it . . .
Anyways I paid $140 for $490 worth of groceries/products at Albertsons.

Yeah, I saved $350 off of Albie's full price. Now just shopping at WinCo and buying generics (like I always do) could have saved me about $150-200 off of that trip but not $350.

It's easier than you think it is. I have so many people I want to teach how to do this that I decided it would be easier to just teach a class. I figured I can hold a weekly class at my house and then if any of you want me to come to your house (or Enrichment) and teach your friends and family, I will. All for free :-) And if you don't live in Pocatello but know any family or friends that do live there - tell them to come!! You don't have to know me for me to teach you. Also if you have a blog please post a link back to this one and let people know, please! (p.s. I will make a small commission if you do decide to coupon and sign up for a paper subscription at a great deal. Because, hello, in couponing ya gotta have coupons.)

Just for proof I'm posting below what I bought and what I saved
(all prices are per item):
15 boxes of cereal $0.25
Tide $6.99
(without using coupons, could have been lower)
Toaster Strudel $0.57
Trix $0.57
Fruit Snacks $0.57
Muffin Mix $0.89
Bisquick $0.89
Dawn $0.89
Crest $0.89
Nyquil/Dayquil $2.50
(without coupons - could have been lower)
Yoplait 8 pk Trix $0.75
Yoplait 8 pk Dora $0.75
Yoplait Gogurt $0.75
BC Brownie Mix $0.63
GG Broccoli $0.63
Chicken Helper $0.63
Tuna Helper $0.63
pantene $1.97
secret $1.97
crest $1.14
(without coupons - could have been lower)
MM Juice Boxes $1.44
GM Pancake Mix $1.44
Old Sp Deodorant $1.44
(without coupons - could have been lower)
Pampers Wipes $2.50
(without coupons - could have been lower)
My first class will be
Monday, January 12
830 pm (after bedtime)
email me
with questions or to RSVP or if you want to set up
a time I can teach a coupon class at your house if
you can't come and want me to teach you.
I don't have enough time in my life to teach people one by one
so groups only please.


  1. Holy Crap... that is awesome. I know this may be a little time consuming. But is there any way for you to do a post about it for people that live WAY to far to even think of making it! Or maybe a video that you could post on youtube? I'd LOVE to learn and save some money!!! THANKS and WAY TO GO!!!!!

  2. holy cow- I've watched shows on oprah etc where they try and teach you, i just haven't taken the time to do it. I want to come steal all your fiber one cereal...i love that stuff! that is so awesome!

  3. So...can you come to my house in Texas and do a class for me????? I want to know how you do this!!!!

  4. Way to go Kristine. I'm so jealous that you have good grocery store deals out there. There's no competition out here, so no doubling and certainly no tripling and only every once in a while do I find a super smoking deal on things that I really want. But even so, I've still been very successful with my couponing project and can usually save about 20% every time I shop.

  5. I will be there - I can't wait!! Chad didn't believe me when I told him what you did, but he might now!

  6. WOW! That is amazing! Now, if I only lived in Poky still so I could come to your class.

  7. Way to go Kristine. I have not gotten into couponing, I usually buy generic but Ted is riding my back to get going... so any help in an e-mail would be great.

  8. Awesome!! Now that you know how, don't you just want to tell the whole world!?!? And next week is the huge yearly Quaker sale!! Yeah!! (Actually, there usually are a few big Quaker sales during the year, but not as big as the January one! Yippee!). Um, so what did you mean by "without coupons, could be lower" ??

  9. I didn't use any newspaper/vendor coupons - I didn't have any. There were coupons for those items that would have made them cheaper.