Friday, February 06, 2009

100 Things About Me (That You Never Wanted to Know)

I have seen this on other blogs, and thought I would like to do it one day. Well the 25 random things on Facebook gave me a good jumpstart and I decided to build of off that. You don't have to read it all if you don't want to. It's kind of long, and at least 25 of them are repititive.

  1. I am a really heavy sleeper.
  2. It takes me a LONG time to fall asleep.
  3. Combine those two and if I wanted to take a nap it takes me an hour to get to sleep, then I always wake up really groggy and sick.
  4. I’m legally blind without my contacts. I got contacts when I was in sixth grade.
  5. I have twice the amount of hair of an average woman . . . when I donate my hair for locks of love they always get four braids cut off instead of two braids. Ponytails can give me headaches with my heavy hair!
  6. When my adult teeth came in, my canines came in really high – so they looked like fangs. In 5th grade I had 2x4 braces put on to pull them down.
  7. I like going to the dentist and the feelings of freshly scraped teeth!
  8. I was born without bottom right wisdom tooth and back molar.
  9. I have a family history of malignant hyperthermia (first cousin has positive diagnosis). So I wasn’t put under for wisdom teeth removal OR retrieval during IVF.
  10. I grind my teeth. I had to get a mouthguard.
  11. I LOVE sad endings!!! City of Angels, Life is Beautiful, Amazing Grace, Becoming Jane, etc.
  12. My only B in high school was from Geometry. I got a 3.9 in HS & College, so I’m a pretty good test taker, I guess. I got a 31 on my ACT.
  13. When Ellie was a baby I was adamant to not rock her asleep and make her learn to fall asleep on her own. Since we moved to Idaho I have rocked her to sleep every single night. They get too big too fast for me to not enjoy that moment
  14. I have had unexplained joint pain since junior high. The Dr.’s best guess was tendinitis.
  15. I didn’t know how to say my “R” sounds until I had speech therapy in 2nd grade.
  16. I’m pretty deaf. If I can’t see your lips moving while you talk, I’ll probably not understand you.
  17. I love basketball.
  18. I love Duke basketball.
  19. And above all I love March Madness.
  20. My favorite number is 31.
  21. My fave basketball player of all time is Reggie Miller of the Indiana Pacers. I cried when he retired.
  22. I don't have a middle name.
  23. I love the Cosby Show.
  24. I love my old-school music = En Vogue, BoyzIIMen, etc.
  25. My honors math teacher in HS let me know that the HHS girls golf team had an open spot, wanted me to just join – although I’d never swung a golf club in my life.
  26. I proceeded to have free golf lessons and golf for the next two years.
  27. I went to Ricks College instead of ISU (passing up a SWEET FinAid package) on the advice of my seminary teacher, Bro. Parker. He said the experiences you find in Rexburg you will not find anywhere else – he was right.
  28. I want to get my Master’s degree in PoliSci. I’ve changed my mind against the CPA because I’ve discovered I am obsessed with politics.
  29. I don’t think I’ll be taking another foster care placement. Ds work schedule makes it, well, like I’m a single foster mom 9 months a year.
  30. I have discovered that I LOVE to blog. I think I blog too much, but I’m really committed to turning it into a blog book every year. It makes all the hard work worth it when you hold the book in your hands.
  31. I hate cold weather. Having to scrape windshields, etc.
  32. I’ve been very blessed when it comes to jobs I’ve had. I’ve worked full-time in Pres. Bednar’s office for two years and in Andre Agassi’s office for another two years. Both were awesome experiences.
  33. I met Darik in Geography Lab in the Smith Bldg. It was the same building my parents met in.
  34. I have very stretchy face skin - like Elastagirl. The problem being is that when I get old and lose all that elastic . . . I'll be one saggy faced lady.
  35. I LOVE Darik’s buzzed head. I love the Agassi cut.
  36. I'm like a jack of all trades but master of none. I know how to do a lot of things -- just not exceptionally well. Like play the piano, play the guitar, crochet, knit, write, cook, bake, decorate, craft, can, photography, etc. I’m just ok at a lot of things.
  37. I am a certified SCUBA diver. I just have never gone since certifying!
  38. I LOVE reading. I can rarely put a book down, so I'm often reading until 3 am.
  39. I wish I could get paid to read.
  40. I had never been in Primary until last year - and now I absolutely love it. Where else can you find such comedy at church?
  41. I LOVE children's literature. I have a goal to read all the Newbery Medals.
  42. I was voted most likely to have the biggest family in my seminary class.
  43. I loved college.
  44. Wish I would have had more fun in college and less time working, though.
  45. My favorite place to live was Las Vegas. I never knew I was a big city girl until then.
  46. And I long for the weather! Where else can you find Spring 9 months a year??!
  47. Around people who don't know me well I'm pretty quiet.
  48. Around my HS friends I'm probably obnoxiously loud.
  49. My primary love language is acts of service.
  50. I have AA degrees in Office Systems Management (basically secretarial work) and General Business.
  51. I had a hard time deciding between English, History, & Accounting for my BA major. I ended up in Accounting because I got in a fight with my History teacher and felt maybe something more black/white was what I needed.
  52. I used to wish that I could spend my life barefoot and pregnant.
  53. Then I had to learn how to be happy with the prospect of no kids, I had to learn to enjoy it. Now I’ve been trained to miss working and only sweeping once a week.
  54. That being said, I LOVE staying home with my baby girl – although I’m more productive when I work part time.
  55. I really don’t like shopping.
  56. Unless it’s for BOOKS, shoes, or jackets.
  57. Or on Ebay. Ebay is the world greatest marketplace.
  58. I also LOVE Amazon, lately.
  59. I never had a cavity until I was 24, and even then I think that crappy dentist was making it up just to charge me for a cavity!
  60. My perfect teeth may be due to the fact that one of my other annoyances is plaque on my teeth, so I never miss brushing or flossing (and my dislike for sugar).
  61. I'd like to run for some kind of political office someday - or consult a campaign.
  62. I have a pretty dry sense of humor.
  63. I love Seinfeld/The Office.
  64. My dream is to be a contestant on the Amazing Race.
  65. I can’t eat sugar on an empty stomach. Makes me queasy.
  66. So I'm not a big fan of sugar, chocolate, or dessert.
  67. I don’t really see the point of dessert except for special occasions.
  68. I guess that is pretty indicative . . . there are two kinds of people, those who eat for enjoyment and those who eat to survive. Guess which kind I am?
  69. I do like food to taste good, but I’d rather it be healthy.
  70. Most people that know me really, really well already know . . . I'm easily annoyed. Just ask my brother Mike (breathes too loud, grunts, blinks too loud -- I'm serious!! he even admits it). I also have a hard time with open-mouth chewers . . . close your mouth people, you aren't a cow! It's one of the reasons I don't like going to movie theaters, people gossiping and talking through the whole thing, or popping gum, or eating popcorn in your ear, or answering their cell phones! Seriously people, I just want to watch the dang movie! Ok, I'll be nice now :-) and bask in how much I love my Netflix account.
  71. I'm a germophobe. So many things just gross me out--bathroom germs, kitchen germs, mouth germs (kids w hands in their mouths, etc) etc. Always washing my hands. Always have dry cracked hands as a result.
  72. I’m a salty snacker.
  73. If it is candy it's gotta be fruity (skittles or the like).
  74. I never put the full cup of sugar in my koolaid. And I rarely make desserts.
  75. I cannot tread water to save my life. I sink like a rock. I really think my body is just denser than everyone else's. No one will ever believe me that I weigh around 140, I really think it's just densely packed in there, thus making me a horrible water treader.
  76. I have freakishly mutated short arms. You know how your wingspan is supposed to be your height? Well a few years ago me & my SIL all measured -- theirs were spot on but my armspan was like 4 inches too short. And you wondered how I got away with all those short shorts in JH & HS? The rule was they had to be to your fingertips, and I was just keeping the rules!
  77. I’m pretty competitive.
  78. I’m not a big fan of big groups of people – family, friends, or strangers. I’d much rather just have a small group.
  79. I love saving money. I never pay full price for clothing. I feel like I have a bargain radar that comes out when I walk into a store.
  80. I am people claustrophobic. I don’t mind closets or tight spaces, but if it’s a busy supermarket I start freaking out. So I usually only grocery shop really early or really late when the stores are empty.
  81. I can’t remember the last time I paid for a haircut (usually it’s a free locks for love one).
  82. I started working when I was 8 as a papergirl. After that my parents expected us to provide for ourselves (most of our school clothes, CDs, music, etc.)
  83. I had that job for 8 years until I got the job @ Wendy’s – where I met tons of awesome friends. And I worked there most of the time in high school . . . and developed my love for JBCs.
  84. When I was a teenager I wanted to make a million $ in Quixtar.
  85. My credit score is 753.
  86. I turned 18 in Philadelphia.
  87. I would love to travel the world.
  88. I’m scared of spiders, heights, snakes, sharks, and deep water.
  89. I’ve been in love twice.
  90. I have kissed 6 boys.
  91. One of them was a drunk Navy boy at the George Straight Country Music Festival in Las Vegas. He kissed me, but I guess I let him. He was hot.
  92. I regret only one of my relationships.
  93. We have owned four homes. We have made as much money in real estate as we have lost.
  94. I have clinically diagnosed “unexplained infertility”. Ellie is the result of IVF in Las Vegas @ the FCLV.
  95. I call my daughter my Balm of Gilead - she was worth every penny of that $20k it took to get her here! She is literally one in a billion - less than 200 babies have ever been born from a frozen oocyte. (We are still paying her off)
  96. Our first 6 years of marriage we moved 14 times.
  97. My hands and feet are perpetually freezing. I blame bad circulation.
  98. I’m anemic, I guess. I haven’t been able to donate blood for over a year because of low iron.
  99. I hate needles. And the sight of blood. I could never be a Dr/Nurse.
  100. I’m on Team Jacob.


  1. Kristine! I am laughing at #91. My favorite. I still tell that story to people. I think that was one of the funniest, weirdest moments I have had in my life. We had lots of fun back then. Sometimes I wish we could go back to all that with no responsibility! Thanks. :0)

  2. Wow! We really have a lot in common!

  3. So fun! I feel like I know you so much better now! Now I want to do this, gotta find the time...