Thursday, February 05, 2009

Bargain Shopping: The Results

Alright, I overdid a few coupon posts last month. But here is what I've decided:
  • Every month I will post my total spent/savings amount from coupon shopping
  • In addition, I Albies shop the morning of the sale (Wed) so for those of you out there wondering if it's worth a trip down there that week, just sneak a peek @ my blog and see what I scored the deals on.
  • I will do ONE coupon class a month. This month I would like to teach people (anyone? anyone?) BEFORE the 18th -- when the HUGE sale is supposed to occur. If you'd like to book a show or suggest a time with me please comment.
  • After that I will hold a class every Third Saturday @ 10 am. I will be taking RSVPs for it via email or comments. I'll cap the # around 15ish. That way hopefully y'all can plan ahead if you're really interested and not let it get bumped from your schedule.
So here are the results for January: I did go overbudget due to my excitedness of learning how to score the deals, and the hugeness of the first sale . . . . but the result =

Spent $465, Saved $1043 or 61% from Albies' prices

I would say that equates to at least 30% off WinCo -- which I did price check a few items there, and it seems pretty accurate.

As for this week's sale:
4 quaker oat squares:
had $1 coupon off of a oatmeal box from the quaker sale last month
- four $1 albies doubles
= 4 boxes for free

3 maltomeal cereals:
the free milk didn't process but I made CustServ give it to me anyways
= 3 cereals + reeds dairy milk ($4.50 value) for $7

2 complete contact solutions:
BOGO @ $10.50
- two $2 coupon print outs
= 2 boxes for $6.50

6 Loreal Kids Shampoos:
- six $1 coupons from their website
- four $1 Albies Doubles
= 6 bottles for $2

Spent $17, Saved $64 or 79%
And last week's sale:

Misc Kraft & Chicken:
12 Kraft Items for $15 after coupons
in addition granted $12 off of chicken
so $16 in chicken reduced to $4 for 3 pks
= 12 kraft items + 8lbs chicken for $20

15 Orville Redenbacher Popcorns = $0.75 per box
3 Easy Cheeses = FREE
7 Wheat Thins & 2 Triscuits = $1 per box
1 Juicy Juice box pack = $1
2 Ritz = $1.50 per box
2 Lawreys Marinade = $1.50 each
ACT mouthwash = $3
(this was my splurge) precooked orange chicken reg $9/pkg = $5/pkg
= $45 for the above

4 frozen pizzas & 4 two liters:
pizzas BOGO free @ $5 + 2 free 2 liters
= 8 items for $10

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  1. I am so glad that you are doing this! Hopefully it will help me out some. I am headed to Alberstson's tonight (hopefully!) Will your class in March be the 3rd Saturday? There is a possibility I might be in town and would love to come and get some more pointers.