Monday, February 16, 2009

The BUG Tag

My friend Lacey tagged me with this a few weeks ago . . . basically just list off 10 things that bug you . . . in no particular order:

  1. watching movies at theaters. (usually) there is someone there just buggin the heck outta me
  2. in the temple: people who gossip / can't stop talking / whispering. My favorite part is to just be able to sit in silence. I have heard some crazy stories from ladies behind me about their best friend's nephew's girlfriend. It sure is interesting to find out what some people's definition of "necessary communication" is.
  3. people who request the help of the Elder's Quorum to move and then don't even pack 1 box! seriously, it happened in Iowa -- not ONE box packed at all. People usually tend to fall somewhere in the middle of the spectrum, though.
  4. that bad teachers can't get fired because of teacher's unions
  5. right-wing AND left-wing nut-jobs
  6. Nervous tics that people have: clicking pens, tapping feet, picking at their fingers, cracking knuckles, etc.
  7. Having to sweep my floor 3x a day! I remember back in vegas I swept once a week!
  8. Screaming kids. I can handle tantrums, yelling, crying, fighting, etc. But when it goes to screaming (you know, the shrill stuff) I put the smack down (not literally).
  9. People having expectations of me. Just little stuff like kids asking, "So what are you going to give me for dessert?" And while I might of been thinking of giving them some Gogurts or something . . . if they expect it I decide not to give it. No dessert tonight. Then on other nights if they ask politely or not at all I'll bust it out. Dessert is not a right, it's a privilege! :-)
  10. having to pay full price for something!


  1. I hear you on the sweeping thing! I've actually been tempted to eat in the living room so that I don't have to sweep...but that only means I'll have to vacuum!

  2. AMEN to #3!!! My husband has had that happen to him way too often and it stinks! Also, amen to #1 & #2!!!!