Wednesday, February 25, 2009

the dilemma

Here is our dilemma:

We recently found out D's siblings will be in Chicago for the summer. It seems like a perfect time to take our Iowa trip that we delayed last year because of gas prices. Since gas prices are down and we will now have family in ChiTown to give US a tour and put us up for the night, it seems like providence has smiled upon us.

The problem? The schedule of everything! We would like to hit the Nauvoo Pageant (7/7-8/1) AND the Iowa State Fair (8/13-8/23), but if we do a 13 day trip I will miss Education Week (7/30-8/1) AND my 10 year HS reunion (8/8). During any gap of time I believe we can find Cubbies home games so we're not worried about that. So I have to choose between the pageant and the fair. I' m a little bummed.

So, Iowa Friends, give me some advice, what would you do?


  1. What a conundrum. You reminded me of something though--the 10 year reunion. What info do you have about that? I haven't heard anything.

  2. Of course, the Iowa State Fair... in the great city of Des Moines, staying with the Somers... BBQing and watching the girls play... :)

  3. Kristine, let me know when your plans are more concrete, we are planning a family trip to CR this summer as well and it would totally awesome if we could be there at the same time!

  4. I'm just so excited you're coming!