Saturday, February 07, 2009

The Peppermint Twist

I'm gong to do some blogging catchup here. Three weeks ago Ellie had her first dance recital. It was super fun. The night before was rehearsals beginning @ 730 pm, so I brought her in her footie jammies. I thought it was pretty adorable. And it basically looked like she had no clue what she was doing.We were happy that D's parents and sister were able to come. Her aunt Mindy was the one who did her hair so CUTE!!! So the next night we show up and it's a whole family affair with the Johnsons, Andersons, & Sandovals . . . (Hailey, Justice, Marijka, and Ellie were all performing). A few minutes prior we bring all of our kids backstage . . . oh it was SO adorable. I don't think I have seen Ellie's little face SO HAPPY, ever!I do have to apologize for the fuzzy pictures. I just grabbed my longer lens as we were heading out the door (I knew we'd be far back in the auditorium) and had not practiced with it. They're not bad, but not good either. I am going to try to get still shots from the video, as well as try to post the video.


  1. I bet that she had a blast! Where does she take dance from? We are looking around for somewhere for Emma!

  2. She looks SO cute! How fun for her!!