Sunday, February 08, 2009


I can't even recall when these things happened, other to say it's been sometime since the new year.

First of all, Christian's head was getting pretty fuzzy and unruly. We got permission from his mom to cut his hair. I asked him if he wanted a Mohawk & he said, "My dad hates Mohawks." I said, "I don't care what your dad likes. I care what you like. Do you want a Mohawk?" His face got so happy and of course he said yes. I kept it pretty modest and short, but still cool. He is a great kid, and great at making silly faces.Second of all, thanks to Leap Frog DVDs and my mom, Ellie began reading. She learned all the letters and sounds from Leap Frog (many of you are now singing to your selves right now, "the A says aaaa, the A says aaaa etc.). I'm not the biggest fan of teaching her now because she still has over a year til Kindergarten, where they will spend a LOT of time on the same things. But my mom knew she could teach Ellie how to sound out "cot", "mop", etc. and blend the sounds together to make a word. Also in this picture is one of my great envies, Christina's eyelashes. Do you know how many women would kill for those long, natural, beautiful eyes? She's a lucky girl in some ways, at least. And finally, my primary prep picture. I stayed up late getting sharing time and sunbeam lesson ready last week. Junior primary requires a little bit more visual participation and preparation. It turned out to be a miscommunication, because it wasn't even my turn for sharing time, gosh dang it.
Here are the girls in the bath again. I think you can never have too many bath pictures.And again, the two princesses being two peas in a pod. They sure are good friends.

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