Wednesday, February 04, 2009

tears of joy

I haven't started my 2008 blogbook yet, a little too overwhelmed with everything else right now. But imagine my tears of joy to see this new release in my monthly email from

"We've just released our newest version of BookSmart™, and while you'll see improved performance overall, the most exciting news is that our blog slurpers are back up and running. Now you can slurp your entire blog and make it into a Blurb book in just a few short steps. Download the latest BookSmart release to get started.

If you use LiveJournal, WordPress, TypePad or Blogger, simply select your book size (support for 5x8 B/W Text book coming in next release), select "blog to book," choose your blogging platform and slurp away! Wondering how hundreds of pages of blog fodder might be translated into a book? Check out Mike Workman's "Wisdom, Wisecracks & Weener Dogs" (pictured above) to see how great a blog can look in print."


  1. Anonymous10:35 PM

    YES!! I'm so glad you posted that. I'm so excited to check it out!

  2. Awesome!! I've been trying to figure this one out too, thanks for the update! Blog books, here we come!

  3. YEAH! Thank you for letting me know I will have to work on that today!

  4. I saw this too. I hope and PRAY that this version is less buggy and faster. The slowness of my older version is KILLING me. I'm so excited that my next blog book will only have 1 years worth of blogging in it. Three years worth in one book is so so so overwhelming!