Friday, March 06, 2009

come out with your hands up

first of all, today is a slow day, so yes I am blogging from work! work is actually working out well -- 1 wk down, 7 wks to go.

(((My mom has watched the kids this week and the kids have loved it, esp since James' dogs are there being foster-dog-babysat until he can find a new home for them {{a newborn in addition to two crazy puppies was a little much in a 400 sf apt}}. And since it looks like when this foster case is over in June all the kiddies have homes to go to . . . I am starting to consider one of James' puppies for Ellie. We are going to start taking her for the weekends and see how it goes.)))

anyway, back to the point of my post . . . this morning I showed up to work @ 855 am and happened to be the first person in the office. Just so happens I work in a BANK. And each floor has their own alarm system. Just so happens I tripped our floor's alarm system when I walked in. And it just had to keep on going off and off for a LONG time until someone with a code showed up. Turns out the lady that turned it off had set off the alarm last month and the boss had told her to just go downstairs out the front door and me the cops coming in and tell them it was a false alarm. just so happens that when alarms go off at banks their first response is to "secure the area". So when she walked outside she actually had 7 handguns pointed right at her. NNnniiiiccceee. So I am definitely not going outside to wait for that to happen. A cop eventually shows up . . . and by the end of the day I've been issued my own code for the alarm system, gratefully!


  1. So where are the kids going in June?

  2. okay, that's kinda funny:) My mom and I were just talking about what the update is on the kids! Let us know! We're also trying to find a day next week to come down...let us know what your schedule is!

  3. Brody has set off the alarm at his bank several times. He can never remember the code or enter it in fast enough. Now he makes sure he is never the first one there.

  4. FYI - reading, "ellie said what" just makes my day. It doesn't matter how many times I read them, they always make me laugh. She's so precious!