Wednesday, March 18, 2009

march madness

in more ways than one!

(oh my, I can hardly even gather my thoughts enough to post right now). So today is the last day to fill out brackets before the big games tomorrow. I love NCAA basketball -- right now I am in 3 bracket pools, it's always fun to do this with friends and family . . . and I'm hoping Duke will win this year (like always, I'll be disappointed).

I am now 3 weeks through my 8 week work contract. I really cannot imagine how moms work full-time and pull this off (with 3 young kids!!?) !! My house and laundry go by the wayside because I'd rather just cuddle with my kids when I get home! I can't figure out how to get dinner on the table when I get home @ 5:30 -- even my frozen meals take about an hour to bake, which would be dinner around 7 (which is bath->bed time for us). Let's just say we've had interesting dinners (mostly our free progresso soups and chicken pasta dishes).

My calling is going SO so much better, my partner Jacque moved so I've been on my own but I sat my butt down and scheduled activities for the rest of the year so I know exactly what I'm doing and what the girls are passing off. I feel a lot more peace with the whole thing. Last night we did a really simple activity that ended up being hilarious -- so that is what I'm aiming for.

Also I'm trying to get ready for hosting bookclub on Friday (Ladies Auxiliary - T. Mirvis) I wanted to do a simple chocolate fondue to go with it. Turns out I borrowed a friend's chocolate fountain, bought melting chocolate and tried it out last night. The fountain ended up barfing the chunky chocolate out the top like a volcano (I think it was a combo of the fountain not heating up enough, me overcooking the chocolate, and me being fondue impaired, etc.). We'll see if I can make this work in 48 hours. Btw, does anyone else have a fondue pot in the pocatello area???

Oh, and my coupon class I teach once a month? Turns out I have about 20 people RSVPd for it on Saturday morning, which is great -- I'm excited. Just hope my house is ready!

Which leads to our next news -- with our tax refund coming back combined with my salary we're able to pay off our AirConditioner and almost all of our Ellie Loan. I told D we wouldn't get a flat screen til we were debt free -- and REX TV went out of business this week and Darik snapped up his Anniv/Father's Day/Bday Present. I'll have to take a picture and show you -- we turned our wraparound couch into stadium seating -- it's actually super cool. I told Darik our house's cool factor just increased.

Oh also last weekend I had decided I needed a little Ellie-Mommy time . . . so I brought Ellie down to Disney on Ice @ the Delta Center. They had Mickey & Minnie, Simba & Nala, Ariel & Eric, Lilo & Stitch, Peter Pan & Tink, etc. etc. It was actually really fun. Although Ellie would NOT let me take a picture of HER, she let me take pictures of the show. I'll upload just a few later.

Oh, I forgot -- we've all been sick as dogs. Started with Bubba, I think he had bronchitis, pretty nasty cough. Then 10 days ago we were @ my mom's house for Sunday games & Bubba barfed on me, Stina pooped on me, and Ellie peed on me. I was 3 for 3 (did I already blog about this? I forget). Anyways, then Ellie got sick with fevers off and on then Darik got sick then I got sick . . . I ended up dragging Ellie down to Physicians Immediate care on Sunday because she was screaming in pain about her ear. The PA said her ear infection was one of the worst he's ever seen. After getting medicine she's steadily improved. D & I are trying to shake the very end of it right now. I'm trying not to get an office full of CPAs sick with less than a month left in tax season. We'll see how that goes.

Combine all the nasty bugs going around this house with Daylight Savings Time and we're struggling with sleep . . . hard to get to sleep with all the light outside and then everyone is sleeping in and all sick. We had a sick bed for all the sickos so we wouldn't get anyone else sick, but we end up pushing each other off and not getting any sleep and . . . uhhh it's been miserable sleep over here. One night Ellie walked in to climb in our bed and she thought the humidifier was a monster -- scared the bejeebees out of her.

So that's my update. I promise I'll upload pictures. One day. Soon. Maybe?


  1. Your poor little family. I am glad everyone is getting better. So have you thought about using a slow cooker for the fondue?? Haven't done it but it seems like it would keep chocolate melted and warm for a couple hours if that is what you need it for.

  2. SAD! It sounds like our little family the past month! I have a fondue thing I got for the wedding..haven't evened opened it yet!