Monday, March 30, 2009


ok, I can't really think right now i'm basically falling asleep at my computer @ 9 pm as I try to update finances and Darik watches tv (like always).

-- last week Aaron Kunz from Ch 6 KPVI emailed me and asked if he could do a story about me for their making ends meet series. A bunch of us gals emailed KPVI when they asked for suggestions about how we are saving $ and I did and they ran with it from there. And yes, I do look like a dorky coupon lady (the camera adds dorkiness!!) but on the plus side he edited out all of my idiotic, stupid things I said! Here's the video that aired on Sun night. If that doesn't work the story on their website is here and there's video on that page.

-- PS my coupon class for April 18 is filling up fast -- RSVP now if you can make it.

-- Last week my CPA firm acquired the bookkeeping / financial services contract for Ruby Tuesday in town. The pres of the company kinda basically in a roundabout way said, "I know you said you wouldn't work past April 30 but we were wondering if you'd be the point person on this account." basically the bookkeeper/accountant for the restaraunt and I'd work from home most of the time and come in a few hours 2-3 times a week for payroll and invoices. We're leaning towards taking this one. I've always wanted to be able to work from home.

-- There is a super sweet Post Cereal sale @ Albies this week. This morning I got 45 boxes of cereal + $12 of chicken nuggets for less than $10. The deets are at this link.

-- Bleh. I'm so pooped. And I want to get up early to go to Walgreens for their free shaving cream this week I may not live long enough to see the fruits of my bargain shopping, I'll be dead of exhaustion!


  1. Aw, you look so cute on the video! :-) That is great about the offer from Ruby Tuesday! Congrats!

  2. wow! your famous! You did a great job on the news. I would like to go to the coupon class on April 18th. When is it? I've been going crazy wanting to find good deals, but I just never take the time to go to your class, so I'm finally going to do it!

  3. Hey I hope that you have Kira and I down for that class on the 18th, we are sure looking forward to it. I also hav another freind who wants to come so there will be three of us total. Will you send me your address via email. Thanks!!!

  4. how cute! i love the header! i'll send ya an invite to mine too!

  5. What, we have a Ruby Tuesday now? I wish I could have seen your pretty face on TV, and I'm not surprised about your awesome job offer...because you are awesome!

  6. You were great on TV, fun to watch.