Thursday, March 26, 2009

more march

So I'm blogging on my lunch break . . . and last night I stayed up uploading all these collages so I could - so here we go.This pic is of my sis' family meeting baby Kendra for the first time. We had everyone over -- it was fun.
Can you tell from this pic that we all just LOVE Kendra? And the little foot pic is because babies usually curl their toes when you touch them but Kendra does the opposite, like little cute monkey feet! Anyway she splays her toes out like little fingers and it's just so "squee".

Here is a collage of everything that's been going on @ my house lately
(1) & (2) our new TV and stadium seating, courtesy of REX tv going out of business and $25 of cinderblocks from H.Depot.
(3) Kiddies being cute with daddy
(4) Puppy Bailey. We babysat her one weekend -- when our lives slow down I think I would like to keep her (after tax season). We'll see how that goes.
(5) Brick building = where I work. Thought it was worth blogging the place I spend the most time at these days.
(6) some of my grocery deals - it was 3 packs of huggies for $5 week @ Walgreens.
(7) the one thing I am the worst at cooking EVER in the history of cooking = grilled cheese. I burn as much of them as I don't, because my brain cannot focus on just standing there and not doing something else at the same time.
(8) and of course a little destruction of household goods via the rugrats
Last Saturday was the most beautiful Spring day! We cleaned our house and went and got pizza and had a picnic on the lawn. I love my kids!

Ellie's friend Claire had a Bday party last week (princess themed) -- I brought my camera to take pics. I actually took a long lunch to be able to go -- and Ellie was really whiney and clingy the whole time, unfortunately; but I'm giving her a break these 8 weeks on that.

These are just some of the other pics I took there that I loved.

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  1. Loving the pics, your kids, your family and all of Ellie's adorable outfits! Jayda gets really clingy whenever I go to events like that too.