Tuesday, April 14, 2009

free dog to a good home

I think we may not be able to keep our little Bailey! I've been trying to get around to uploading a picture, but I can email that to anyone interested. My little brother James picked her up from a family giving her away last summer as a puppy outside walmart. She is half basset hound half blue healer. She is adorable and reminds me of the little toy puppy on Toy Story, her front half decides where to go and 10 seconds later her back legs start moving. She is trained and is very docile and sweet. She loves kids and has never gotten grumpy, growled, or barked at my little ones. Darik and I are necessarily dog people, not enough to sacrifice the time it takes to be a good dog family. (plus darik refuses to spend a penny on her!) If we adopted our two kids I think a dog would be TOO much for me to handle. And if we don't we will likely end up getting Ellie a pet to make up for lost siblings. But right now we don't have a fence that contains our puppy, so she has to be tied up all the time, which makes me sad. So even if you don't want a dog but know someone who does -- let me know!!

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