Tuesday, April 14, 2009

very quickly I'd like to say:

we're done! well, at least D is -- I'm still in tax season at work and will be done on the 29th. But Darik has worked 80 hours the past two weeks (leaving before I woke up and coming home after I was asleep) and I actually saw him today!! like, for an hour before he left. since I can officially say I survived the 08-09 season (well after the jeff dunham concert next week, officially) I told D I know he has work, church, and school obligations that take him away from home most nights and weekends . . . but AFTER he gets his MBA if he goes out and voluntarily signs up for a bunch of crap that takes him away from home I will divorce him.

he says, "not even city league softball??" all sad like
and I said, "give me 12 months without anything, than go to town"

so he agrees on one condition, "only if we stop taking foster kids"
"Agreed" I say.

I think that was the easiest compromise we've ever made in our marriage!


  1. Kris you are so funny! Good for you for surviving the 08-09 season. I don't know how you did it!

  2. I'm glad you survived! I love the compromise!