Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Birthday Cake Binge

If I see another birthday cake this month I will stab myself with a spoon. Seriously. We had my moms cake, stina/tony's cake, hailey's cake, and recently ellie's and dad's cake (to be posted later) not to mention CAKEBALLS. Frills - check my friend teresa's link out, yo. Now, I'm not a big cake fan . . . but if you package it up this way . . . makes a right nice treat. I can just pop one or two in my mouth, enjoy the flavors, and because they're so rich it's easy to stop after two for me . . . and then you can enjoy cake and not have to trudge through a WHOLE piece . . . Anyways, here's hailey bailey's 8th bday and all of us playing operation, which is so retro fun I couldn't stop!Another great surprise this week? After two years I was rewarded with some peonies! I am SO excited, I just have a few this year, but I can't wait to see em next year! They are pretty, aren't they? This house will make a master gardner out of me yet!


  1. The flowers are gorgeous! And I know exactly what you mean about cake, which is why I love cakeball!

  2. Janna2:26 PM

    I love peonies! My mom always had them and Cliff and I just planted two plants in my new flower bed. I am jelous that yours are blooming.