Tuesday, June 23, 2009

3 Years Old!

June 5 was Stina's birthday! I have now had her for 2 out of her 3 birthdays. She was dropped off at my house last year the day before her second birthday. She left for a week after that before both kids were placed with me on the 19th. Anyways . . . . Stina has grown so much, in a lot of ways she is much more even-tempered - I have a lot less run ins with her than a year ago. Also when she came her we could barely understand a word she said for at least three months, now she's clearly talking in sentences and paragraphs . . . not only that but without me teaching her she can bust out the ABCs, numbers 1-14, and half of her colors! She must have just been playing up the dumb blond thing last year because she's a right regular smarty pants! :-) It hasn't been easy with this little bug but I can truly say I love this crazy little honey bunny!
So after her birthday, what do we have but two three-year olds on our hands! Wowza! I LOVE these girls, and just looking at these pictures makes my heart swell! They are SUCH good friends and sisters -- they fight like sisters and play and love like sisters. I am so grateful for that (most of the time).
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